The big Twitch leak showed everyone how much streamers earn on Twitch. Five-digit payouts per month are quite normal for the top 100 streamers – and only through subscribers and a small amount of advertising.

But some streamers earn significantly more on other platforms. Twitch streamer Alinity (around 3,500 viewers on average) recently announced that she earns more with two monthly salaries on onlyfans than she would earn on Twitch in ten years. She is therefore on Twitch less and less often and appears in streams like the clip below, with streamers like Maya and Cyr. In the clip it becomes clear why onlyfans is worth a lot more – and without showing bare skin.

When asked on onlyfans, she reveals that the most disgusting thing she has ever done was a burp video.

$ 50,000 for a burping

When asked how much she made from it, she paused and thought before revealing that she probably made $ 50,000 from it. Of course, it wasn’t just one person who bought it as they distributed the video to fans to pay for, but that’s still a lot of money for just one clip.

She later went on to explain that the video cost viewers $ 100 each, suggesting 500 people paid for it. It’s also possible that someone who asked her to do the video paid a little more.

The two streamers in the clip (Maya and Cyr), like many others, are shocked by the amount. But it would not be the first time that it became known what strange business models, especially female streamers, can earn a lot of money with. Twitch streamer Sweet Anita was shockedwhen she discovered that some viewers would spend up to $ 5,000 on their worn socks.

Do you fall off your chair with these sums of money for belching, or are you now familiar with such internet phenomena? Write to us in the comments!


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