Of course, there is other content on Twitch besides gaming, but as far as the records are concerned, these are more to be expected in video games. Streamer TheGrefg literally smashed the audience record, but you probably don't even know him.

David "TheGrefg" Martinez is Twitch Streamer is the new record holder for most viewers on Twitch. Ninja held the old record for a single streamer, but TheGrefg beat the more than 600,000 viewers not by a few thousand, not even by a few hundred thousand, but by over 1.8 million.

Nintendo Switch - Fortnite Special Edition

Nintendo Switch – Fortnite Special Edition

The new record is over 2.4 million (via TwitchTracker), but TheGrefg didn't beat the toughest boss in video game history or win a few million dollars in an esports tournament. He presented his own Fortnite skin with the Epic Games immortalized him in the popular Battle Royale. Although the stream was about Fortnite, it didn't really play.

The million mark had already cracked two Twitch channels. On the one hand the official PlayStation channel and ELEAGUE TV, a channel for e-sports tournaments. These are difficult to compare with individuals and their channels, which hasn't stopped TheGreg from leaving them miles behind.

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"Why don't I know this streamer?"

TheGrefg is a Spanish streamer and therefore not very well known in Germany. In this country, channels that stream in German or English are more likely to be watched. But since Spanish is spoken in over 20 countries and there are almost half a billion people who speak Spanish, there was hardly a shortage of potential viewers for the record.

It will be the skin from January 16, 2021 in the Fortnite shop to buy, there will also be an emote. The bundle with the cosmetics is between 2,000 and 3,000 V-Bucks costs. The skin is part of the Icon Series in which skins by Ninja, Loserfruit and Lachlan have also appeared.