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In a live stream, the Twitch streamer FrostyMatrixTV asked children and adolescents to secretly take their parents' credit cards and pay for a subscription to their channel. You should grow up like this.

"It sounds like I'm drunk when I tell people, especially children, that they steal the dad or mom's credit card. Don't" steal "it, but use it behind their backs to buy a subscription. And no, that is not a joke! " That explained the TwitchStreamers FrostyMatrixTV in a live stream.

A call for theft?

FrostyMatrixTV says that this is how he wants people to finally grow up to do their own thing, financially independently. According to him, the amount of a subscription is "nothing" because it only costs around $ 5. "Wake up! Show me that you have eggs!" he said in the stream.

FrostyMatrixTV has only around 6,000 followers, claiming that his account was stolen once and he was banned a second time. So he had to start over. The streamer's statement naturally led to heated discussions within the community. Asking children to steal the parental credit card so that they can pay for a subscription and that he receives money and present it in such a way that it is "grown up" goes too far for some.

Source: Dexerto

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