Twitch tests random advertising (mid-rolls) during streams

from Sebastian Glanzer
Advertising during a stream is quite annoying, but it is limited with most streamers on In order to generate more money through advertising, Twitch is now testing the mid-rolls that are supposed to play ads randomly in the middle of the stream.

On the popular streaming platform you can often watch your streamers without advertising. Whether pre-rolls (advertisements when entering the stream) or advertisements are played in between was up to now at the discretion of the streamer himself. The streamer can deactivate the pre-rolls and decide for himself when and for how long he wants to shower his viewers with ads.

Of course, not only does the streamer get a little money for each advertisement played, but also the streaming platform itself. Now Twitch apparently wants to earn more money with advertisements and will try so-called mid-rolls. Mid-rolls are advertising snippets that are played in the stream at a random point in time. However, anyone who has already seen an advertisement shortly before will not get this mid-roll.

The community and streamers are of course not very enthusiastic about this attempt. Seeing advertisements before entering the stream or during a break in the stream is still manageable for most, especially since the streamer himself decides when and whether the advertisement is played.

However, random ads could have a very negative impact on the viewer experience. You can see what that might look like in the tweet below. At an exciting moment (here in the video TimTheTatman on his first win in Fall Guys (after countless attempts)) an interesting action during a game could be interrupted by advertising and you miss the best moment.

Hard to imagine if this random advertisement is triggered in an exciting 1vs1 of an esports tournament or a streamer gets to the point after a long argument and you miss it. We will soon find out how this savory experiment will end up for Twitch.

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