Twitter: Pokémon Red can now be played via the profile picture – Game updates

More and more creative ways to play Pokémon classics are popping up on the internet. After "Twitch Plays Pokémon", for example, caused enthusiasm among fans in the past, Constantin Liétard now has another option in his luggage. In its version, users on Twitter can influence their profile picture and thus play Pokémon Red. The trainer is controlled by the comments of a tweet.

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Players can choose between the familiar buttons of the Game Boy at the time. These are Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start and Select. Every 15 seconds the input that was commented on most often in this short period of time is carried out. The current position in the game is shown via the profile picture on the Twitter account of "@Screenshakes". There are already over 32,000 comments under the tweet about the game.

Constantin Liétard takes the game offline for a brief moment every day in order to, among other things, save the current game status and add new functions from time to time. By the way, Twitter has selected Schiggy as the starter Pokémon. Because of its increasing popularity, the developer now has one too Discord server launched on which players can better communicate with each other. At the moment the community is in the cave of the moon mountain. In addition, Schiggy has already developed into a Schillok. Incidentally, this year Pokémon is celebrating its 25th anniversary, which will probably also bring some announcements.

via IGN

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