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In the latest build of the Alpha from WoW Shadowlands, Blizzard is testing two changes for the Shadow Priest. Devouring Plague returns in a modified form and Shadow Word: Death receives a buff against targets with little life.

With the latest WoW Shadowlands Alpha update an iconic spell returns for the Shadow Priest that has been deleted from WoW Legion. Devouring plague can be found in the shadow's magic book and has been slightly modified for the upcoming expansion. Devouring plague causes initial damage at the push of a button and leaves a DoT that lasts twelve seconds and heals the priest as long as the DoT is active on the opponent.

Devouring plague however, it also costs 50 madness and cannot always be used because the shadow priest naturally wants to stay in his void form for as long as possible. Devouring plague is, along with Void Eruption, just the Shadow Priest's second spell, which costs insanity. According to Blizzard, this adjustment is intended to somewhat compensate for the weaknesses of the shadow priest and, for example, better leave him in dungeons where the mobs are usually defeated too quickly. Devouring plague grants the Shadow the option to squeeze a lot of damage into an enemy with little life in a short time.

In addition, Shadow Word: Death beefed up. If the target has 20 percent or less life, judge Shadow Word: Death now 100 percent more damage. The Shadow Priest in the Shadowlands Alpha still has some problems. If you want, you can get the FRead the eedback post of the priest class authors. It is questionable whether these two changes will eliminate the problems of the shadow. With the return of Devouring plague the Shadow receives at least one new option against short-lived targets.

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