Two in one: We'd like to see these Nintendo crossovers – up to date

Game crossovers are a fine thing: they combine what doesn't really belong together and ideally this results in a really cool thing. We only remember Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer feat. The Legend of Zelda or Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo in particular has shown a lot of creativity here in recent years.

However, because we are insatiable, we always want to have more! So in this case more Nintendo crossovers. In our special, which you shouldn't take TOO seriously, we let our heads smoke and came up with twelve wild game mixes that should definitely exist.

Is any of our ideas realistic? No, not really, but that's not the point, just imagining what could be. We hope you enjoy reading. And tell us in the comments which collaboration of well-known brands and / or games you would like to see!

Games / series involved: Animal crossing & Pikmin
Desired developer: Nintendo EAD

Two in one: this Nintendo game crossover should definitely exist (1)

Two in one: this Nintendo game crossover should definitely exist (1)

Source: Nintendo

At the start, we stay internal to Nintendo and bring together what belongs together – at least when it comes to the cuddle factor. Pikmin is great real-time strategy fun and thrives on the picturesque areas, the creative ideas and the bustle factor when umpteen of the small eponymous creatures run around you. Now combine this with Animal Crossing: a similarly lovable world in which dozens of anthropomorphic animals live, each with its own character. The details would have to be worked out during the development process, but we imagine that in the form of Captain Olimar, supported by a resident we made, we direct these animal residents together with the Pikmin through the area. Since that would be a bit macabre, there is no need to fight.

Instead, together with our villager army, we could build houses, dry out river beds and create fields, build bridges, annoy Tom Nook and much, much more. And that shouldn't be all the gameplay – apart from the strategy part, you could lead your normal village life – and if it is supposed to be fights, you can go to the dungeons with the Pikmin. Pikmin Crossing should be created by Nintendo itself. We think the teams behind the two series would deliver great things here.

Games / series involved: World of Warcraft & Pokémon
Dream developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Two in one: this Nintendo game crossover should definitely exist (12)

Two in one: this Nintendo game crossover should definitely exist (12)

Credit: Nintendo / Activision Blizzard

What have video players around the world been waiting for for decades? Well, on an open-world Pokémon in which you can work with other trainers in the best MMORPG manner and fight them, of course! At least the open-world aspect was tackled with Pokémon sword and shield in small and with Temtem a (initially PC-exclusive) adventure has appeared, which makes the MMO Poké dream come true in the beginning. But we don't want clone games, we want the real thing – and preferably in a creative combination! The Pokémon Company should team up with Blizzard and have the beloved pocket monsters World of Warcraft invaded. Imagine this: Azeroth, we with our hero in the middle and tens of thousands of small creatures that we can catch, train and lead in battles!

You should say goodbye to the turn-based combat system of the main Pokémon adventures, which is why we don't want Game Freak to take over development, but Blizzard itself. The attacks of our little and sweet little helpers could be used like magic attacks – but maybe we could even slip into the skin of the cute rascals! A figure editor in which you can combine different Pokémon into one and adjust various attributes, that would be something!

Harry Potter: Magus Mago Edit

Games / series involved: bully & Harry Potter
Dream developer: Rockstar Games

Two in one: this Nintendo game crossover should definitely exist (6)

Two in one: this Nintendo game crossover should definitely exist (6)

Credit: Warner Bros. Games / Rockstar Games

Finally school again! This is a sentence that you rarely hear, unless the author is currently indulging in the action adventure bully (also known in this country as Canis Canem Edit) or is looking forward to reading the next volume of Harry Potter. So why not combine these two wonderful sagas into one game? To freshen up: In Bully you embody a naughty snotty brat (depending on how you play, secretly with a heart of gold), which costs a lot of nerves for fellow students and teachers in the boarding school. Hopefully we don't have to explain Harry Potter to anyone – in Magus Mago Edit (in German it means "magician eats magician") we play the good old boy with the scar, the magic school Hogwarts is our playground. But we are not chained to the plot of the book template! Rather, we are free to do nonsense and with an arsenal of spells, potions and magical artifacts, the chaos factor should be a lot higher than in Bully. In addition, the students at Hogwarts are practically divided into cliques right from the start, just like with the rock star game.

The Schnösel are the Slytherins, the nerds are the Hufflepuffs, or anyway, we will mess with all the houses anyway and finally, as the top moth of the school yard, care for trembling first graders in the halls. Quidditch matches serve as a substitute for physical education, just stupid that the magic school stands so lonely in the landscape and no city next door invites you to hang around. Wait, there is also a wonderful solution for this: flea powder, for example, or portkeys (as everyone knows, apparating within Hogwarts is not possible) that take us to the next big city in a blink of an eye. There should be enough dating options for our bad boy Harry, just like scary opponents, for example Malfoy, Death Eaters, Voldemort or simply Headmaster Dumbledore. Since no Potter game has proven to be of particularly high quality apart from the Lego versions, we as the desired developer simply choose the experts who have already ensured an all-round enjoyable schooling in Canis Canem Edit: Rockstar Vancouver. Hooray, Hogwarts is on fire! – Katharina Pache

Games / series involved: Metroid & Detroit: Become Human
Wish developer: Naughty Dog

Two in one: this Nintendo game crossover should definitely exist (8)

Two in one: this Nintendo game crossover should definitely exist (8)

Source: Nintendo / Quantic Dreams

Yes, aaaaahm, we did NOT include this crossover in our list, of course, solely because of the stupid joke that results from the combination. No, no, there is a sophisticated plan behind it, a brilliant concept that is just waiting to be realized by a capable developer who doesn't ask too many questions. Yes, what happens there? Hm, well, let's say that the game … in a unique way … combines the game principles of the interactive films from Quantic Dream and the action adventures of the Metroid Prime parts … So far sounds very reasonable. How should that work? Haha, good question! So, really now, a good question. We imagine that we (oh herrjemine) walk with Samus through a semi-open world, find items, unlock new paths and defeat bosses. However, now comes the highlight! Doesn't have to be either! We can also get Obermotze through extensive dialogue options to simply let us in or even support us in our cause.

Oh, and we don't receive items per se, but depending on how we behaved seven hours earlier in an apparently unrelated situation! Samus also has a companion who hates / accepts / admires / loves them, depending on the case. The whole thing culminates in a finale in which Samus faces an overpowering Mother Brain without any chance, whereupon she and the Chozo sing a sad little song that is so rousing that the space pirates take our side. Phew, how long? A few lines still have to come out? Well, if there is no other way. In flashback sequences we play Samus' childhood and according to the good old Quantic Dream tradition, the quality of the plot collapses after half, at the latest after two thirds of the campaign, and one wonders why one has just been rubbing for tens of hours has wasted his life. Oh yes and the dream developer? Pfff … naughty dog? Yes, naughty dog. Why not?