If you look at the 5th generation Pokémon from Einall, you can discover some legendary pocket monsters, which are available in different versions with different values. Normal Kyurem, for example, is relatively … unspectacular. But if it were the black Kyurem, then it would probably wipe the floor with many other Pokémon in Pokémon Go with its dragon and ice attacks. A similar phenomenon affects the legendary trio Forces of Nature, consisting of Boreos, Voltolos and Demeteros.

When the three of them appeared in their incarnation form in the Tier 5 raids in Pokémon Go – and then also during the first high phase of the corona pandemic, when hardly anyone in their right mind dared to go outside the door – apart from the hardcore Almost no one is interested in the raid bosses. Boreos, Voltolos and Demeteros went down almost without a sound.

However, this has not only to do with the inopportune time, but also with the fact that the values ​​of the forces of nature in their incarnation form are rather poor and unimpressive. The animal spirit forms of Boreos, Voltolos and Demeteros could arouse much greater interest; Of course, only if they come into play at all at some point. In particular, two members of this legendary trio could master the metagame of Pokémon Go in "their" type.

Demeteros (animal spirit form)
Demeteros belongs to the types of ground and flight, an interesting mix. Boden is one of the most offensive types in the Pokémon world. Demeteros is already a stunner in his incarnation form, but in his animal spirit form with the attacks of clay shot and earth forces, with attack values ​​of 289 and an acceptable defense, he would even put the eternal soil favorite Groudon in his place. Yes, okay, Demeteros is already doing that too. In its incarnation form Demeteros' Boden-Throne is only threatened by Protomorphose-Groudon and Mega-Knackrack, and neither version is currently available in Pokémon Go.

Demeteros in his animal spirit form would be the best choice for ground attackers for a very, very long time, and would be as useful as Groudon is currently. Only … while we already had a 101 chance to grab Groudon, Demeteros is currently absolutely nowhere to be seen. Maybe that will change soon, it would definitely be desirable! And thanks to remote raid passes, Demeteros would get the attention it deserves in both incarnational and animal spirit forms.

Voltolos (animal spirit form)
Voltolos is of the electric and flight types and has an attack value of 295, one of the highest in the game. Apart from the fact that Voltolos has only appeared in his incarnation form and not in his animal spirit form, there is another problem to which the (indignant) Pokémon Go Hub authors point out: Even if you could catch a Voltolos (animal spirit form) in the game of Niantic, then it cannot learn its most important attack, namely electric shock. Even though Voltolos has this attack in the main series. With a power surge in his luggage, Voltolos in the form of an animal spirit would be absolutely the best electric Pokémon in the game and put the current class first Zekrom in his place.

We are curious to see when and how the forces of nature will come back into play. After all, the Knights of Righteousness have already appeared several times in Tier 5 raids, and currently the legendary birds from Generation 1 are back after a two-year break. That's nice too … but Giratina (original form) will be back shortly. For the second time in three months. You could also give the forces of nature a chance again. That it works with the "other" forms in Pokémon Go can be seen from the Giratina and Deoxys mentioned above.

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