from Dominic Zwingmann
After a few weeks ago, the console version of Two Point Hospital had to be postponed, the creators of Two Point Studios have now revealed the final release of the port. The hospital management simulation will be published in February 2020. Also two DLCs are already included in the game.

The executives of Two Point Studios today announced the appointment of the console version of Two Point Hospital. At the end of October, the implementation for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch had to be postponed, so that the team can further optimize porting. Now the development seems to be nearing completion, as Two Point Hospital will be available on all three consoles from February 25, 2020. In keeping with today's announcement, the makers have also released a new trailer.

While the digital version for PS4 and Xbox One can now be pre-ordered in their respective stores, switch owners still need to be patient. Incidentally, For the first time, Two Point Hospital will also be released as a physical release. In addition to the numerous updates that have been released for the PC since May 2018, the DLCs "Bigfoot" and "Pebberley Island" will also be included directly in the console version. The price of the game will be in this country at 39.99 euros.

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