Perhaps they have secured the domain name with sadistic pleasure, just to pretend to the fans that they are working on a new Prince of Persia part. After ten years. It could also be fake, admittedly.

Do you remember Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands? Well, it's been ten years since the fifth installment in the series swung onto our consoles and PCs, and as Prince of Persia gradually fizzled out, fans' hopes for a new game faded away. But listen, there is a rumor that needs your attention: Reddit user NayamAmarshe recently shared one domainthat was apparently backed up by Ubisoft, with the name "Prince of Persia 6".

The website is not yet available, but was only created on May 4, 2020 secured and obviously from Ubisoft. Obviously because it is very could well be a fake: The domain has not yet been paid for and the page has not been registered where all other Prince of Persia domains are located. There is, of course, no official confirmation from Ubisoft.

Yet. Isn't it time to return to the world of Prince of Persia? The date would also be halfway correct because The Sands of Time was released on May 18, 2010; the tenth anniversary is therefore only a swing away. May 18, 2020 would be a good day to announce a new Prince of Persia.


We will follow the rumor of a part until it either spits out a new part or fizzles. Have you ever thought about what a new Prince of Persia should look like should it appear? It could change the genre and become an RPG, with the choice of the protagonist and decisions that you have to make. Just an idea.