The game is perfect, but the dubbing voices of some characters make you white hot? Now you have the chance to do better. Ubisoft gives fans the chance to play a voice role in one of their titles. We will tell you here how you can participate and what I have to watch out for.

Ubisoft calls for a speaker casting and looks for one female and a male voice for an upcoming update to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. The The closing date is by 01 January 2020 at 6 p.m., They not only offer you a dubbing role, they also show you how German video game settings work – including a look behind the scenes. So if you want to participate, you just have to consider and follow a few things.

Become a voice actor

You must at least 18 years be old and in Germany, Austria or Switzerland liveto participate in this casting. Speak a total of three sentences for the role and send them to For more information, just visit the Job advertisement from Ubisoft,

The sentences that you have to speak and send are:

  • The Black Tusks attack the SHD network from the Pentagon's data center. We have to prevent that. ISAC shows several local firewall intrusions.
  • My death does not mean that I have been defeated.
  • To be clear: it is a means of fighting viral infections – green poison. No vaccine. A cure.

So oil your voices and let's go! We wish you good luck with the casting.

How does it feel to be an NPC? We have an idea:

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Have you always wanted to sync a character in a video game? Or are there some old hands among you for whom everything belongs to the daily bread? Please write us your experiences in the comments.