Ubisoft takes two very successful game principles of the last few years, Battle Royale and Auto Battler, and garnishes the whole thing with the Might & Magic license.

The game is called Might & Magic: Chess Royale and is exactly what it sounds like. A car driver like Dota Auto Chess or Team Fight Tactics combined with the Battle Royale number of players 100. A release for the free mobile game is scheduled for January 30, 2020, according to Ubisoft, there will also be a PC version.

As with all Autobattle titles, heroes and units from the Might & Magic universe have to be bought, upgraded and combined in such a way that skills and factions create synergies between them. Despite 100 players per round, the matches should only last ten minutes. The individual rounds take place in duels, as is typical of the genre, until there is only one player left. Although a large number of players take part in a match, it was designed for fast games according to the "lose quick, win quick" principle.

You can find a little gameplay from the early access of the mobile version here, in the App store and in Google Play Store interested players can register in advance.

For car drivers, Ubisoft appeared quite late for the party and at the Battle Royale celebration there is only one guy sleeping in the bathtub and everyone else is already in the club and dancing to Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends and their names. Nevertheless, Might & Magic: Chess Royale sounds like an interesting mix for quick matches on the go. What do you say about Ubisoft's new title? Write your opinion in the comments.