Ubisoft is making big changes

According to the latest releases from Ubisoft, critics complained that certain gameplay elements in the games were constantly repeated and the titles offered little variety. The company now wants to change that and quickly restructures the production team.

Ubisoft has been with us for a while strong criticism to fight. The notorious one is to blame Ubisoft formula, This describes the recurrence of certain gameplay elements and design decisions in different games. Be it the activation of areas or the completion of tasks – the open world titles from Ubisoft are often different very similaras Ghost Recon: Breakpoint made clear not long ago. Insiders report that the main reason is that the team behind the ideas tiny were and so Often repeated tastes and opinions,

Sometimes it just shouldn't be.

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Goodbye to Ubisoft formula? Larger teams provide variety

Meanwhile, at Ubisoft rethink instead of. Production teams expanded and redesignedto bring in fresh ideas. The first effects can already be felt, because the shift Numerous titles such as God & Monsters, Watch Dogs: Legion and Rainbow Six: Quarantine for the second half of 2020 will bring developers important time to make improvements:

“Although each of these games already has a strong identity and potential, we want our teams to have more time to develop to ensure that their respective innovations are implemented perfectly. We want to offer the players the best possible experience, ”said CEO Yves Guillemot.

“This decision will have a significant impact on our finances in the current financial year and is in conflict with our recent success in building a more stable development model. However, it is in line with our strategy to maximize the future value of our brands in the future, ”he continued.

In concrete terms, this means that Ubisoft is changing its model, giving developers enough time to contribute their creativity and ideas to the games, and (hopefully) ensures more variety in the future.