Ubisoft is redesigning the game because it seems too boring

from Andreas Bertits
Ubisoft also wanted a piece of the lucrative battle royale pie with Hyper Scape. But now the company has to admit that the title could not motivate the players enough and is too difficult. A major revision is to follow.

"Right now there aren't enough medium- and long-term goals that would lead players to Hyper Scape Ubisoft writes on the official website of the battle royale game Hyper Scape. Basically, this means that Hyper Scape cannot motivate the players and is basically too boring in its current form. But that is about to change.

Was hyper scape too boring and too difficult?

Hyper Scape was officially launched in August, but it was not a huge success. Now Ubisoft has announced that a major overhaul is taking place. The battle royale shooter is supposed to be a game that everyone can enjoy and that has probably not been the case so far. According to Ubisoft, this was because it's just too difficult in its current form. Allegedly, it's too hard to aim and deal constant damage, which makes taking out enemies problematic. The console version in particular is said to be particularly affected by this problem.

Twitch streamers also show that Hyper Scape is not a big hit. Even seasoned Battle Royale players have difficulty coping with the new title from Ubisoft. Getting started is extremely difficult.

Now Ubisoft wants to make Hyper Scape play better. The entry should be improved and opponents should be able to be eliminated faster. In addition, new game modes and respawn systems are added, which should increase the motivation of the players.

With the coming season 2 a ranking system, progress for the heroes and crossplay will be introduced. We will learn how this will affect Hyper Scape on October 6th.

Source: PCGamer

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