Ultima: Lord British wanted to develop remasters, but EA didn't – game updates

from Andreas Bertits
Richard Garriott, inventor of the role-playing series "Ultima" and perhaps known to some as "Lord British", said that he wanted to develop remastered games. But Electronic Art refused.

The last part of the single player series from Ultima was released in 1999. Ultima 9: Ascension completed the saga and since then Publisher Electronic Arts has focused on the long-lasting MMORPG Ultima Online. There are no plans for further single-player RPGs. Ultima inventor Richard "Lord British" Garriott would have loved to remaster his games.

No Ultima remaster planned

Richard Garriott was asked on Twitter whether he would like to develop a new edition of his Ultima titles today, when remastered older games are so popular. Then he said that he would do it. But EA doesn't let him. He has already tried. So Electronic Arts has no interest in remastered versions of the Ultima games, at least not if they come from Richard Garriott.

Remastering the games doesn't make sense anymore these days. The series was published between 1981 and 1999. Simply sprucing up the graphics would not be enough to make the games more palatable to a younger audience. Remakes would be needed and even that is difficult. Because the parts Ultima 1 to 3 are not particularly deep. And starting a remake in the middle of the series might be a little strange. After all, all nine games are somehow connected – even the Ultima Underworld series is part of the story. You always play the same hero and in Ultima 1 the story is laid for the events of the other episodes.

Richard Garriott is not allowed to develop a remaster of his Ultima series. (2)

Richard Garriott is not allowed to develop a remaster of his Ultima series. (2)

Source: Electronic Arts / Sir John

A sequel that tells a completely new story and does not require knowledge of its predecessors would make more sense. And a new Ultima part was also planned after Ultima 9: Ascension. In 1996 Richard Garriott spoke at E3 of an Ultima 10 that was supposed to tell an epic story in a multiplayer environment. But nothing came of it.

Whether we will ever see a new Ultima or a remake of the old games is in the stars. EA owns the rights to the brand, but doesn't really seem to want to do anything with it at the moment.

Source: Twitter

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