The bad news about the Uncharted film just doesn't stop. Sony Pictures has now announced that the film must be pushed back again. He takes the place of Masters of the Universe.

Once again there is one bad news to the Uncharted film, because Sony Pictures had to do the real version again move, Instead of the end of 2020, Uncharted is expected to appear on March 5, 2021, but this date was actually reserved for another title. Actually, that day Masters of the Universe appear, but due to the schedule, the film was now completely deleted,

Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to join PlayStation Productions build a new foothold and get up Movies focus, based on video games, So far, however, this plan doesn't seem to be going so well.

At least you can rely on a few games.

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Uncharted film is becoming a running gag

It's difficult to keep an overview, because Ruben Butcher marks the sixth director to take on the Uncharted project. Fleischer made a hit with Sony hits Venom and Zombieland already a name – how long he can stand Uncharted is in the stars.

The scepter (in the case that script) was passed on from director to director. This should already turn out to be quite worn, because the previous colleagues Travis Knight, Dan Trachtenberg, Shawn Levy, Seth Gordon and David O. Russell had fed up with it, to a free space in the Appointment book by Spider Man actor Tom Holland waiting. This takes on the role of the boy Nathan Drake, but is currently filming the third part of Spider-Man employed.

In any case, the changing directors miss the whole project a certain Running Gag charm, It remains to be seen whether Uncharted will develop into a complete film or whether filming will be discontinued.