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That has to be love … not … In WoW, undead hunter Dirtman took his revenge for the attack on Lordaeron and Undercity into the heart of the night elf kingdom, and in Darnassus the leader of the Kaldorei Tyrande Wisperwind soloed in just under 30 minutes . Tyrande's better half Malfurion was rather itchy.

There have been inconsistencies between Tyrande Wisperwind and Malfurion Sturmgrimm in the WoW past, but since Sylvanas Darnassus and the world tree Teldrassil has been destroyed, Ms. Wisperwind and her better half seemed to be pulling in the same direction . In theory, the burning tree was followed by the siege of Lordaeron, i.e. the lower town (we reported that this will obviously be overlooked in Shadowlands). Accordingly, night elves have reason enough to be pissed on the abandoned – and the abandoned in turn on the Kaldorei.

WoW player and undead hunter Dirtman has carried his lust for revenge into the heart of the Kaldorei kingdom and hunted for night warrior Tyrande in Darnassus. Alone, only accompanied by his loyal bear companion, who actively supported him in the endeavor. A help that Tyrande could not count on, but it did. First of all, congratulations to Dirtman, who razed Tyrande to the ground in 28 minutes and ended the fight in style with the use of his national ability. You can watch a video with time-lapse speed boost below.

What we find rather funny is that Malfurion does not respond to the needs of his loved ones at all and simply stops, as if no water can tarnish him, even though he also counts as a boss himself. He probably thought that his hero would be able to cope quite well. And if not, then it will just spawn again at some point. Oh, these WoW laws …

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