For a long time now fans of the Elder Scrolls games have been waiting for updates to Elder Scrolls 6. In view of the corona crisis, there is now a disappointing report from Bethesda. But at least a little spark of hope.

After the end of the E3 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, waiting fans were hoping that the press conference on Elder Scrolls 6 would be held online instead. But Bethesda is now turning to the public and depriving players of this hope.

Pete Hines personally announced on Twitter on Wednesday that the company would not be running an online presentation to replace the conference at E3.

The reason is the numerous special challenges that the company is facing due to the spread of Corona – more than understandable.

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It is therefore uncertain when news about Elder Scrolls 6 can be expected. Since the teaser trailer from E3 2018, which contained little more than concept images, there has been no tangible information about the game. What is certain is that it will be a next-gen title, which is why many fans had hoped to see a real reveal later this summer. That could take a while, however.

But there is also good news: Despite the lack of an online presentation, Pete Hines promised that exciting details about her games would be released over the coming months. He doesn't go into what that means.

However, the most important thing is that everyone in the company is doing well. Corona is a special challenge for all of mankind, so it is painful if there is no presentation of an announced video game. Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments!