It's not uncommon for games to be postponed in development. This time it hits the upcoming multiplayer online game from Amazon Game Studios.

New World

New World: Postponed the third time

New World was originally due to appear in May last year, but has been postponed to August 2020 due to the global pandemic. In July, Amazon decided to delay again, which pushed the start of the final beta and the full game to this “spring” year. Now Amazon has announced new data.

On the official website For the game, the developer announced that the final beta will begin on July 20, 2021 and the full game is expected to be available then on August 31, 2021 appears.

Amazon reports on the progress in a video.

The additional development time has so far led to improvements in crafting and fighting, as well as a greater variety of quests, weapons and armor, according to Amazon. Fishing has also been added, the map has been expanded to include the new brackish water region, and work has been done to increase the amount of content in the mid and end game content.

New World: Why was the release postponed?

According to Amazon, the studio needs additional development time for fine-tuning and to focus on endgame features that they think are important to get started with.

You can already pre-order New World and get access to the closed beta and numerous bonuses.

New World

New World

The fans react to portals like Reddit left on the shift. While some may be disappointed, many find it more important to buy a finished game than to keep waiting for updates.

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