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For priests, the primary ability of the necrolord was rather unattractive. A buff in the latest beta build of WoW Shadowlands has now changed that. In addition, shadow projectiles have been improved for the shadow priest.

With the latest beta build of WoW Shadowlands, the Necrolord ability for priests and the shadow priest ability became Shadow floor changed again. Around Unholy Nova To make it more competitive, the damage and healing of the AoE ability now scale with the affected targets, so that the attack can also be used sensibly with fewer targets. The Shadow Missile ability, which priests unlock via the talent tree, loses its three charges and returns to one charge. On the other hand, the bullet now does more damage than before and should upgrade the 40 talent series a little.

Unholy Nova: An explosion of Unholy Energy infects enemies within 15 yards with Unholy Transfusion and heals allies up to < 150% Zaubermacht> based on the set of goals. Unholy Transfusion inflicts up to target for 15 seconds <375% Zaubermacht> Damage based on the amount of targets. Fellow players who attack affected targets will be around <(4% Zaubermacht) * 1> cured.

Shadow floor: Hurls a slow moving bolt of shadow energy at the target location, dealing damage to all targets within eight meters. Generates 20 points of madness, 30 second cooldown.

WoW Shadowlands: Revendreth from Above – Trailer introduces new zone

Original Blizzard statement


In this week's build of the Shadowlands Beta, Necrolord Priests have learned a technique that allows them to hurl Unholy Nova onto a targeted enemy or ally up to 40 yards away. Unholy Nova's healing and damage will now also be split among targets that are struck. The goal of these changes is to help Unholy Nova be more useful in various modes of content, to allow it to be a compelling choice compared to the other Covenant abilities.

For Shadow Priests, we have reverted some of the recent changes to Shadow Crash. As a result, it once again has 1 charge, 40 yard range, and its previous missile speed. We weren't happy with how the 3 charges on the spell felt, and we saw feedback it wasn't an attractive talent choice in the row. However, it has not been completely reverted to the old design – it now has a 30 second cooldown and deals much more damage. This should help balance it in the row, and allow it to stand out as a burst AoE damage option.

Thanks for all the feedback and testing so far!

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