This is arguably the biggest project Minecraft players have ever undertaken. But the beginning has been made and it looks as if you could recreate the earth 1: 1 together in this sandbox game. You too can be part of the project.

It is not enough for the YouTuber PippenFTS to use Minecraft's possibilities – he wants to go higher. This is to be taken literally, because he intends to rebuild the earth 1: 1 in Minecraft.

To do this, he uses the modification Cubic Chunks, among other things. This program allows the player to build infinitely high and, for example, stamp the almost 9,000 meter high Mount Everest out of the ground. However, he does not want to implement it alone and hopes for the support of the community.

Minecraft players really have something on the box:

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You can do everything together

Replicating the world 1: 1 in Minecraft is undoubtedly a mammoth project. Unlikely that a player can do it alone. That's why PippenFTS has created a Discord server on which a community of over 35,000 people has already gathered. Anyone who wants can participate in the project and play pixel masons, so that the project can be put together piece by piece.

In a published video, PippenFTS explains what is required to participate. It only takes a few steps. If you want to participate, or just want to follow the progress, you can do so Discord server to join.

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Has a comment under the video touched me personally and I want to close this post.

"One day, when the corona virus is history, mankind will look back and ask … 'What have we achieved?' And we will be able to send a link to this video and say 'We built the earth …'" said R. Caraballo .