Universal Studios postpone the start of the theme world

from Dominik Zwingmann
Those responsible for Universal Studios Japan have postponed the opening of the long-awaited Super Nintendo World indefinitely. Even if the amusement park itself has now reopened, the rush of visitors would probably cause problems in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. Nintendo announced the project five years ago. There is no new start date yet.

Nintendo fans from all over the world have to wait a little longer for the official opening of Super Nintendo World. According to a recent NHK report, the start of the theme world has been postponed indefinitely. The coronavirus pandemic is again responsible for this. Although Universal Studios Japan reopened a few days ago, a new themed world like Super Nintendo World would attract too many visitors, which is simply not possible under the current circumstances.

The theme world was originally supposed to be released to fans in July. The opening would have taken place in time for the start of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Now those responsible at Universal Studios have to decide on a new plan. The construction work on Super Nintendo World has now been completed. In the past few weeks, pictures of the world of topics have surfaced on the Internet. Among other things, fans can look forward to the castle of Princess Peach. But there will also be several attractions.

For example, it is a Mario Kart Experience and Yoshi's Adventure. More rides will be added in the coming years. Visitors will also receive wristbands when they enter, which together with a smartphone app will ensure an interactive experience. Above we have included the theme world song that was released in January.

Source: NHK

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