Unjustified ban drives players to Versailles

from Karsten Scholz
Several players from a guild in WoW Classic were banned from Blizzard after they farmed linen fabric for the opening of Ahn'Qiraj. Several tickets, a Reddit post, some online articles and a visit to Versailles later, the sentences were finally lifted.

The first year WoW Classic has shown one thing very clearly: those responsible at Blizzard are having difficulties getting the bot problem under control in the new vanilla edition. Sure you ban a large number of accounts over and over again, they also have theirs Communication with the players improvedwho reported convicted bot users.

Unfortunately, bot users simply cannot be beaten down; they keep coming up with new strategies: the latest trend leads the bots into the depths of Blackrock. Far too often we have had to report that Players were banned unjustifiably. Often they have to really stir up the dust before the case can be properly investigated by those responsible.

The French WoW Classic player kalafty has caused a lot of dust in the last few days. The entire odyssey was made on Reddit documented, here is the summary:

  • kalafty and other players in a guild from the EU server Amnennar were banned from Blizzard after they farmed an enormous amount of linen for the opening of Ahn'Qiraj during the day. The accusation: You are said to have used unauthorized cheat software.
  • Those affected created tickets and learned that they had been reported by other players for bot use and exploiting. There is no reason to lift the exemptions.
  • After another wave of tickets, the Blizzard employees were persuaded to investigate again. Even after that, the penalties remained in place.
  • The situation was particularly unpleasant, because the guild not only lacked the main tank and other players in time for the run on the new raids due to the ban, but also a bank character on which many of the guild's consumables were stored.
  • Out of sheer desperation, kalafty turned to the French website Judgehype, the reported on the incident. In addition, the player made his way to Versailles for the European headquarters of Blizzard. There he was turned away with the information that the team is currently working from home due to the corona pandemic. Also Wowhead picked up the Reddit post and published an article.
  • The "raising of the dust" and the creation of more tickets made itself felt again. Gradually, Blizzard lifted the penalties for the affected Classic players.

How many unjustified penalties are there that have not been withdrawn because the players concerned have no desire or the mentality to make so much noise?

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