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Unknown 9: Awakening was introduced as a multimedia experience beyond the limits of video game. In the most recently published teaser, a secret message has now been discovered, which probably heralds the start of a scavenger hunt. If you stop the video at the right moment, you will find a URL, but the new information is hidden behind a puzzle.

A few days ago, with Unknown 9: Awakening, Reflector Entertainment's first project was presented at Gamescom 2020. More than just one game is planned for the title. A multimedia experience was already promised when it was announced. In addition to the video game, there will also be a podcast, a book series, a comic, an interactive experience and more, which together will illuminate the world of Unknown 9: Awakening from different angles.

Last week we got a teaser for a first look at the game that will be coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X next year. In the video, a secret message has now also emerged that probably heralds a scavenger hunt. Use the YouTube player to slow the video below to a speed of 0.25 and then stop the teaser at the right moment at 1:16.

Next to the text "Are you looking for answers in the unknown? You are more than you think" is an Internet address to read that leads you to a first riddle. At this point in time, we do not yet know how things will proceed afterwards. Write to us in the comments when you have found the solution to the puzzle. Unknown 9 tells the story of an Indian girl named Haroona who struggles to survive in the streets of Calcutta. Thanks to a power still mysterious to her, however, the protagonist can disappear into another dimension – known as The Fold.

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Unknown 9: Awakening – Fascinating game announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The development studio Reflector Entertainment has announced its first game, Unknown 9: Awakening.