Unlock secret Isu weapon through Bug

Assassin's Creed Valhalla was very well received in our test, not least because it ironed out some of the flaws in its predecessor, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, such as reducing the amount of equipment. Instead of a flood of loot, there are now unique pieces of equipment, i.e. helmets, shields, axes, swords and more.

The numerous, sometimes severe bugs, however, took away from the quality of the game. However, a programming error that has now been discovered by resourceful gamers should delight most amateur assassins – and it is directly related to the equipment that can be found.

It is obvious that Ubisoft will expand its repertoire of items as part of the planned DLCs, add-ons and other updates, and one of these pieces of equipment planned for the future can already be obtained thanks to a bug. This is an arc of the ancient Isu civilization called "Noden's Arc". This is not yet fully programmed, for example the information in the menu that reveals how much stronger the bow makes your attack is missing, but it does enormous damage to your enemies!

What do you have to do to get it? Well, the method is rather strange, but simple and easily reproducible. To get Nodens '' Arc, you have to go to a small island in a lake to the north of the map in the Northumbria area. There you will find one of the boulders that you can usually knock iron ore out of. This one, however, has a special feature – it is indestructible. But don't let that discourage you. Hit it a few times, then manually save your score. Then reload this saved game and repeat this game again. The amount varies from player to player, but after a while the stone will be destroyed as soon as you reload the game, and the familiar overlay that appears when you have received a new item lights up at the edge of the screen – in this case Noden's Arc. We have integrated the video into the game for you, in which you can see exactly how the whole procedure works.

If you want to get the secret sheet, you should hurry up, it is very likely that Ubisoft will fix this bug with one of the next patches; unless the bow is a deliberately hidden goodie, which is not very likely in view of the very obscure unlocking method.

Source: JorRaptor

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