Unreal Engine made half of the series possible

of Matthias Brückle
The Star Wars series The Mandalorian will soon be shown in Germany when Disney + is available. The impressive look is partly thanks to the Unreal Engine. A video explains interesting insights.

The Mandalorian, the Star Wars series from Disney +, has already impressed many viewers in the United States with its great pictures, among other things: spaceship hangar, desert, forest – everything looks within reach. In reality, however, a large number of landscapes and environments were CGI images that were presented on a set using LED walls. So far, Greenscreen has been used for something that was later filled on the computer. In a video, the creators of the series, like show runner John Favreau, explain how the whole thing was accomplished, what advantage it has – and what Epic Games has to do with it.

Warning: Some of the pictures shown are a possible spoiler!

The Mandalorian relies on LED walls instead of green screens

The actors can more easily imagine themselves in the scene thanks to the landscape that is shown around them. But this is also an advantage for the time management of the entire production: Completed CGI environments can be packed on the LED wall within 24 hours, which helps immensely in the tight schedule of a TV series. Because instead of implementing the final look in post production, a high-resolution background can be taken into account when shooting. In one day you can also shoot scenes for an ice planet, forest planet or a spaceship hangar.

The Mandalorian consists of 50 percent LED walls

In the course of production, a total of 50 percent of the series shown was shot using the Unreal Engine, with content previously created in the game engine. The makers of the series have always discovered new applications. While simple backgrounds were sufficient at first, complex props were later combined with the LED walls. For example, place half a spaceship with a reflective surface next to the wall.

In Germany, The Mandalorian will launch the new streaming service on March 24, 2020.

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