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All players who haven't had enough of the indie hit Untitled Goose Game can now get the little goose on the Windows desktop. The goose will then go on a constant hunt for your mouse pointer to distract you from the game with memes. The new program can be downloaded for free and was released by hobby developer Samperson at night.

The House House team released Untitled Goose Game, an indie title last year, that got tons of memes online and even a big appearance at the Game Awards. Over a million units of the game were sold worldwide just three months after its launch. Now you also have the chance to bring the popular goose from the indie hit to your desktop.

This is ensured by a new program by VR developer Samperson, which carries out its project on the night from Wednesday to Thursday Website itch.io published. This will add a small animated goose to your Windows desktop that waddles across the screen and is constantly chasing your mouse pointer. If the goose succeeds, various memes from Untitled Goose Game will be dragged onto your desktop. When you close the pictures again, the goose gets angry and quack loudly to itself. We have included a video of the program for you below.

The program called "Desktop Goose" can be downloaded free of charge. If you want to support the developer, you can do so on the website with a small donation when downloading. You can find more details about the program at itch.io. By the way, the goose not only follows you on the desktop, but can also complicate your life during a video game. Untitled Goose Game is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Source: itch.io

Untitled Goose Game: First trailer for a funny goose game

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