Our image of the PS5 is made up of the information that Sony wanted to share so far and some speculation, with the cartridge patent probably falls into the second category.

The Sony with the idea to use such memory modules for the PS5 is, however, very likely. The entry on the cartridges was at the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial, so the Brazilian Patent Office found and there is also to read that Yujin Morisawa, senior art director at the Coporate Design Center of Sony and responsible for all PlayStation related products behind the patent.

The entry was found on the Dutch website LetsGoDigitalwhich are also behind the render images of the cartridges.

Brazilian Patent Office, Yujin Morisawa as an author, found by LetsGoDigital – if you find that familiar, do not be fooled, as this is the same path the PS5 Development Kit has taken to the public.

Whether it will become an actual product is hard to say. A patent is just an idea that wants to protect a companyto possibly make it into a product. Also, Sony has not had much to do with cartridges apart from the PS Vita. Furthermore, Sony has already revealed that the PS5 has a Blu-ray drive, which can read discs up to 100 GB.

What makes Sony out of the patent, so it is difficult to estimate. The PS5 will be released for Christmas Business 2020 and even if it is still a good year, we will not have to wait for more information about the next generation of consoles.

These features should not be missing with the PS5 also:

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Cartridges sound more like the storage systems for games from the early days of video game history and seem rather obsolete in times of digital purchases and constant updates for already published games. Also, the cost factor for fast memory modules for the size of current games, is not negligible. What is your opinion about the topic? Is there any meaningful way to use cartridges or are they rightly a thing of the past?