Up to 50% discount on selected items

from Norbert Rätz
At the beginning of the summer month of July, Blizzard has a whole range of World of Warcraft items in the shop at a special price. Until July 20th there is a 50% discount on selected pets, mounts and much more. More on this in the news.

The next major World of Warcraft update and the Shadowlands expansion are coming soon – the current WoW discount is a great fit. You can now give away World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth with a discount of up to 60% and experience adventures in Azeroth with your friends!

There is also a 50% discount on selected mounts, pets and toys, such as the imposing Qilen flight mount and the Qilenchen pet from the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Other pets with a discount are the Alteracbräuhund, Emutkitty, Mini-Ragnaros, Soul of the Aspects and Zwielix, and the mounts include the Enchanted Fairy Dragon, Heart of the Aspects, Hogrus, Shining Starseeker and Warforged Nightmare at a special price. Last but not least, the fireworks "Löwenstolz" and "Macht der Horde" are cheaper to buy at the toys.

You can find all the articles mentioned here in the Blizzard Shop. The offer applies until July 20, 2020.

More information, specials and videos about World of Warcraft (buy now for 14.99 €) can be found on our WoW topic page.

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