Up to 650 percent more experience points? No problem

from Philipp Sattler
In WoW there are all sorts of tools with which you can increase the gain of experience points during the level phase. If you pack all these options together, you currently get a whopping 650 percent additional XP.

The level phase in WoW is often the reason for heated discussions. Some people find it superfluous, while others believe that it passes far too quickly. Blizzard will never achieve a perfect solution that everyone is happy with. Although in the upcoming expansion Shadowlands set some levers in motion to finally make the long grind a pleasant experience again through various obsolete stories. Until then, it will take a few months. If you want to level up beforehand, Blizzard will provide the buff until the release of Shadowlands Wind of wisdom available that increases your experience points by 100 percent. If that's not enough, you can use heirlooms, potions, carousels and other things that increase your XP even further.

The player Lilcyborg has now proven how far you can go. He just threw in everything you can get and has already gained 550 percent additional experience points. If he still logs out of the inn and secures a quiet bonus, then the experience points (for killing opponents) will increase to 650 percent. The player has secured the following buffs:

WoW: Up to 650 percent more experience points? No problem (1)

WoW: Up to 650 percent more experience points? No problem (1)

Source: reddit / ChickenSaladz

Of course, these buffs do not apply to all levels or to all classes. But it is interesting how far you can take the game. By the way, according to his own statement, it took the player about an hour to get from level 33 to level 60 – without being in a hurry.

Do you also use XP buffs or do you prefer to be left behind and enjoy leveling according to the motto "The path is the goal"?

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