Up to 95% discount – free demos for System Shock, Carrion and Desperados 3

At GOG there are currently discounts of up to 95 percent on a selection of over 3000 games. There are seven free demos, for example to reboot System Shock or the reverse horror game Carrion.


You can until June 15, 2020 at GOG save properly with over 3000 games. Furthermore seven free demos offered and if you are from a certain publisher, there is the possibility to put together packages with extra discounts.

Are completely new to the DRM-free releases Prey, that by 70 percent is reduced and Metro Exodus for you 50 percent less pays. Other highlights include the Definitive Edition of Divinity: Original Sin 2 (50 percent discount), the Dishonored: Complete Collection (70 percent discount) or XCOM 2 (75 percent discount).

You can also build your own publisher packages. At three games from the same house there is again 5 percent discount and from five games then it is 10 percent. You can get your packages from publishers, for example Devolver, Paradox Interactive, Activision or EA lace up.

But you can also pay for anything without anything seven free demos play. With it is an alpha of System shock-Reboots, as well as demos Desperados 3, Destroy All Humans!, Cris Tales, Vargus, Spiritfarer and Carrion. The latter is eagerly awaited by the editors.

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There is sure to be something interesting for every taste among the 3000 games. Have you found a few more tidbits that you really want to recommend? Share it with the comments. Or tell us which demo is the most worthwhile.