The WoW developers have in one official bluepost Responded to discussions within the online RPG community to dispel suspicions that patch 9.0.5 saw adjustments to matchmaking for Ranked Arena PvP. At the same time, the team at Blizzard said what measures are planned in the near future to prevent high-ranking players from having to play individual games for which they do not receive rating points.

The official bluepost for this is in full text (translated by us):
The number of players participating in arena matches with Shadowlands, as well as the total number of games, have increased significantly compared to previous seasons. As some of you have noticed, this level of involvement had some unforeseen repercussions at the top of the ladder. It is in the nature of our scoring system that the more people participating, the more likely the best players in the world will achieve very high matchmaking ratings. In this case, some players have reached the upper limit of our rating system and therefore sometimes win victories that no longer result in an increase in their rating. Because the number of players who are able to play at this level is limited, the players directly below them will also find it difficult to earn rating points if the former players no longer participate.

We have two solutions to this problem, one of which has already taken effect and the other to follow with the weekly server restarts on Wednesday.

First, WoW has (buy now 14,99 € ) Has used a rating inflation system for the past seven years that increases the rating of competitors at the rate of ten points per week (Note: this is the rate of increase for understanding, but the number actually increases with every second). This means that the number according to which all ratings, including the highest possible rating, are calibrated after an increase of ten points per week, so that players who play all season have an advantage over others who stop when it comes to the rewards goes to the end of the season. Ultimately, the rating of those high-end players who choose not to continue playing will be trumped by the rating of those who continue to play.

Second, we’ll be raising the upper limit of our matchmaking scoring system with the weekly server restarts this week. This means that players who are at the top of the ladder should get fewer matches that end without a rating reward.

We would like to thank all players who have informed us about this issue and hope that the upcoming matchmaking cap increase will improve the situation for the few players affected. “

Now you are asked: What do you think of the changes? Write us your opinion in the comments!

Those: Blizzard (via Icy-Veins)

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