Update allows passwords longer than 16 characters

from Susanne Braun
The developers at Blizzard have given Battle.net an update to support passwords that are longer than 16 characters – so that you can better protect WoW, Overwatch, Diablo and Co against unauthorized access. However, there is a hint for the Diablo 3 players among you, because Diablo 3 does not yet support passwords with more than 16 characters. An update for the ARPG will come in June 2020.

After an update of the client in your Battle.net account, the developers of Blizzard now allow you to assign a password that is longer than 16 characters, so that you have access to Blizzard's platform and to your games such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone and can protect Co better. You can change the password simply, among other things, via the "Account management" option in the Battle.net client; you will then be forwarded to your account via a secure connection directly in the browser. There you select the menu item "Security" on the left to access the password assignment from there. Practical: You will also see the last time you changed your password. So have fun thinking up and remembering a new password if you think that your old one could use an upgrade. Remember, of course, to update the data in your password manager if you use one.

There is a note for the players of Diablo 3 who do not start the game via the Battle.net client. In the American forums Community Manager Cyndra posted that Diablo 3 itself doesn't support passwords longer than 16 characters. "If your password is longer than 16 characters after this update, you can log in to Battle.net in Diablo 3 and play it. However, you cannot log in to the game on Diablo 3 until June 9, 2020 . " On June 9th, the problem with the lack of password support longer than 16 characters for Diablo 3 should also be eliminated.

This won't apply to most of you anyway, by default Diablo 3 is always started on the PC via Battle.net. If you start Diablo 3 via the account screen, for example because you want to run several versions of the game on one computer, you cannot currently log in this way if the password is too long, because the input field for the password currently only supports 16 digits . As mentioned: This will only be possible again from June 9th.

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