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There has been a major update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The map "Atrium" for gunfight mode (firefight) has returned in a revised version. Infinity Wards has also fixed various bugs, but also tweaked a few screws for balancing, for example, the weapons.

It was on February 11th major Season 2 update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (buy now for € 47.90)– yesterday, on February 26th, another, relatively large update was released. Also our colleagues from PC Games Hardware report about it, Among other things, the map "Atrium" was revised and is in the 2 vs. 2 gunfight mode available. However, there were also many bug fixes and various adjustments – a detailed list has that Developer studio Infinity Ward released on trello,

Fixed bugs and further adjustments

The update fixes some bugs, for example some exploits on various maps, a spawn exploit on the Map Vacant, several bugs in the challenges or also a bug where weapon progress was not displayed when it reached a level before the maximum level were. With the update, there are also adjustments to the balancing of various weapons, for example a slightly longer range of the Model 680 or faster reloading of the crossbow. Anyone participating in the Call of Duty League must also be prepared for changes to the rules. For example, a round of rule only takes five minutes instead of six, and "Search and Destroy" reduces the time window from two minutes to just 1:30 minutes per round in order to place the bomb or eliminate the entire opposing team.

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