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The Path of Exile delirium league remains persistent and torments players with all sorts of nasty mechanics. The developers are aware of this, the changes are on the way. The patch notes for update 3.10.1 promise to correct many criticisms.

While Path of Exile players force their way through the dangerous encounters of the Delirium League, they are particularly afraid of a terrible mechanic: death effects. Because heroes can somewhat cope with the horrors of the delirium nebula, but when a dead monster suddenly releases a bullet of destruction on them, the fun often stops – just like hero life. A single entry in the patch notes of patch 3.10.1 now lets players jump in the air with joy:

  • "The targeting explosive monsters now have a charge animation before they explode. They no longer explode on contact."

Before, it was usually too late when players noticed that the danger was coming next to them. Now this mechanism should no longer mean certain death, also thanks to a colored clarification:

  • "A red hue was added to the target-seeking explosive delirious monsters and the ground objects they create."

If a monster dies in patch 3.10.0 and triggers a harmful effect, there should now also be a "light indicator" that tells players what type of damage this activated skill has.

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Nerf for farmers of the port bridge in delirium

As in previous leagues like Betrayal or Legion, low-level areas have become popular farm locations. Since certain drops such as Simulacrum splinters can fall at all levels, it is easy, for example, to farm through a linear zone like Die Hafenbrücke in no time. Here the developers put a stop to it: the delirium reward bar is adjusted in nude areas compared to Atlas zones. Accordingly, the looot there should no longer be as rewarding as before.

Further changes and bug fixes can be found in the complete overview of Patch 3.10.1:

The Patch Notes for Delirium – Path of Exile 3.10.1

Delirium improvements

  • Various visual adjustments have been made to the delirium nebula to improve the visibility of the effects below the nebula.
  • Monsters and delirious monster groups that trigger effects on death have been added various light indicators to more clearly represent the damage type of their skills.
  • The Vengeful Explosion modifier now creates a flame explosion that deals fire damage (was cold damage). The announcement of the flame explosion has also been improved.
  • The effects of the Vengeful Skyfire modifier's meteorites have been updated.
  • The Shattering Horror modifier has been updated. Visual effects and audio effects for announcement and impact have been improved.
  • A floor marker for the Vengeful Soul's Soul Mortar skill has been added.
  • A red hue has been added to the target-seeking explosive delirious monsters and the ground objects they create.
  • The targeting explosive monsters now have a charge animation before they explode. They no longer explode on contact.
  • Monsters with the Vengeful Stalker mod can no longer be targeted while exploding.
  • The Vengeful Stalker mod now does lightning damage.
  • The Vengeful Skyfire modifier now creates closer fire rains.
  • In nude areas, the speed at which the reward bar is filled has been adjusted to a comparable speed to cards. This means that in some areas (such as The Harbor Bridge) the loot will no longer be above average.
  • The size of the Simulacrum arena 'Mock Gate' has been reduced. As a result, the monster density drops to a level comparable to that in other Simulacrum arenas.
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters dropped Simulacrum Shards after the delirium mist had already cleared.
  • Fixed a rare bug where delirium rewards could be dropped in inaccessible places.
  • Fixed a bug where the additional bars introduced with 3.10.0e were not counted for the challenge "Receive rewards from delirium encounters".
  • Fixed an issue where the modifiers for the cluster jewels Devastator, Explosive Power, and Unexpected Gifts could cause certain monsters' corpses to explode, although this was not intended for these exceptional cases. This affected, for example, 'Piety the Abomination' from the area 'The Womb of the Beast – Level 2'.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Poisoning applied to non-poisoned enemies doing 300% increased damage' modifier on the cluster gem 'Low Tolerance' did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the War Cry Count modifier would not work as if there were 10 additional nearby enemies within the significant skill of the Cluster Jewel Wolf Howl in combination with the Intimidating Scream skill.
  • Fixed an issue where spoiling a unique cluster jewel into a rare cluster jewel would not generate enchantment on the rare cluster jewel.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the Angry Dog monsters in the Simulacrum could sometimes become immune to damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the unique delirium and cluster gems in the Simulacrum were not being dropped with the correct item level.
  • Fixed an issue where major skills from clustered gems would not be disabled even though the character had been brought below the level requirement of the clustered gem.

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General improvements

  • It is now possible to select an atlas mission in the map apparatus.
  • The influence of the Creator and Elder can now be applied to areas under the influence of a conqueror.
  • Divination cards that make up the unique 'The Perandus Estate' card now grant the map of the level that corresponds to having four guardian stones set in the corresponding region of the atlas. Cadiro Perandus offers the map with the level based on the number of guardian stones in the corresponding region of your atlas.
  • Doryani's Machinarium will now always drop at the level based on the number of Guardian Stones in the corresponding region of your Atlas. If you have set 4 guardian stones in the region that contains the 'Maze' card, it means that Doriyani's Machinarium will be dropped at the maximum level.
  • Unique cards and the 'Vaal Temple' card are no longer highlighted when you select a favorite card.
  • 'X% Increased Aura Effect on You' modifiers are no longer applied to enemy debuff auras.
  • Arc now targets target as close as possible when triggered.
  • Phantom Archers now release their channeled sniper at maximum phases.
  • Eye brooders created by metamorphic bosses no longer produce damaging ground effects when they take damage.
  • The monsters 'Scale of Esh' can only have a maximum of 3 creatures at a time.
  • The physical representation of the project wings has been adjusted.
  • Blade Storm effects performance has been improved.
  • The parameter 'EnableDropSound' has been added, which can be used in object filters.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'PlayAlertSound' parameter in item filters that caused the continue command to not execute correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some unique monsters had pathfinding issues.
  • Fixed a bug in 3.10.0 that caused the 'Contains additional divination cards that result in corrupt items' modifier to not work on divination vaults.
  • Fixed an issue where Vaal souls obtained while using the unique Vial of Soul Slicer would be assigned to a single Vaal skill instead of being spread across all of the framed Vaal skills.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when moving away from a reinforced storm rune and returning. It looked as if the storm rune was not reinforced.
  • Fixed a bug where the Basilisk monsters (Hunter's Influence) ground effect would reappear when moving far away and returning.
  • Fixed an issue where the ice gutter created by Veritania the Redeemer was not removed.
  • A bug in 3.10.0 was fixed, in which the saw blades thrown by interrogators kept jumping.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of the sniping skill granted by the unique helmet 'Assailum' were not removed correctly after using the skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects of Frostspurt would stick to your character until you changed the area.
  • Fixed a bug in 3.10.0 where the boss of the 'Pier' card could not be targeted.
  • Fixed an issue where the life indicator of Soul Weapons was sometimes misplaced.
  • Fixed an issue where the height of some parts of the Hidden Trial Laboratory was incorrect, resulting in improper interactions with some hiding decorations.
  • Fixed an issue where triggered flame skulls would not attack monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where Kinetic Missile could drop below level 5.
  • Fixed an issue where group members could interact with the Metamorph container. You could only say goodbye!
  • Fixed a bug that occurred just before 3.10.0 where the reverb didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where the Thaumaturgy Wings and Scientist Cloak would flicker when certain effects were applied to the character.
  • Fixed a bug in 3.10.0 where the members of the Indigenous Panther could get caught.
  • Fixed a bug in 3.10.0 where traces of the Orion weapon effect were smaller than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the traces of the Trinity Aura were sometimes slightly in front of the rotating tips.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur in connection with zombies.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when meeting Gruthkul, mother of despair.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could result in revelation when encountering Kosis.
  • Fixed a client crash that could sometimes occur when closing the quest reward window.

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