Update mitigates Pokémon and raid bugs

of Susanne Braun
With the new update of APK 0.197.1, the developers of Pokémon Go not only fix the problems with switch timers in the battle league and team rocket fights, but also tackle long-term bugs, including non-appearing Pokémon in the wilds and bugs with raid battles.

After the creators of Pokémon Go were forced to withhold version 0.197.0 of Pokémon Go on January 15, 2021 for the time being, update 0.197.1 is now ready for download, provided the app has not yet updated itself on your devices. This version of the pocket monster collection app not only contains a fix for the switch timers in the battle league and when fighting against Team Rocket or against other trainers, but also a few other bug fixes.

Among other things, players have been complaining for months that Pokémon in raid battles cannot attack with instant attacks or cannot be captured after defeating the raid boss. This is particularly annoying when players have invested a relatively valuable long-range raid fight and then either cannot attack at all or are not allowed to throw the master ball because the game does not react. After all, if you're not right next to the raid, you can't just restart the app and join the fight again. The people at Niantic speak about the known issues with Pokémon Go of solving this specific bug. Whether that means that it then "only" occurs less often remains to be seen.

Other problem areas that will be addressed with Update 0.197.1 (or iOS version 1.163.1) are the non-appearance of Pokémon on the map during a game session and the problem that Pokémon Go can no longer react when you give a Pokémon a berry have fed.

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