The Bungie team apparently did not list all the changes that were made to the shooter in the patch notes of Update 3.1.0 at the start of the Season of the Chosen. Only in the current one blog entry the makers are now addressing a thing that they have now removed from the game after all these years.

This is a dialogue from Suraya Hawthorne, who is best known to fans as the clan administrator on the tower. Since the launch of Destiny 2 in 2017, Suraya has been telling you the same things after submitting the weekly clan challenges. In detail, this is about the Red Battle, which is part of the main Destiny 2 story. Not only did this story go back over three years, gamers also had no way of simply skipping this dialogue. Because of the rewards, a visit to the clan manager has become an important regular activity for active players.

But now Bungie has drawn the line and removed the dialog from the shooter. By the way, in the past it has happened before that a special dialogue attracted such attention. In the predecessor, a speech by Zavala before the start of the "Cerberus Vei III" strike became a meme – and later even one T-shirt from Bungie. February 9, 2021 is the Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2 (buy now € 9.98 ) started. You can find more details about the update in our message from last week.

Source: Bungie

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