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15 years after the release there are still surprising improvements in the features of WoW. From now on, the installation and updating of add-ons have become much more flexible – because you no longer have to restart the game.

After more than 15 years, real miracles are still happening in WoW – or at least behind the scenes as far as the work of the programmers is concerned. Because an annoying shortcoming of addons is now a thing of the past. If you have to update extras such as DeadlyBossMods, Pawn or TomTom in the future, or if you want to spontaneously install a new interesting addon, you no longer need to restart the game. This is a small revolution, because because of .toc files it was impossible until today.

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WoW finally finds the most important addon component even after the game has started

On Reddit users have explainedWhat was the problem with installing / updating add-ons so far: An update did not change anything the so-called .toc file, no restart was possible. But as soon as this stock of the add-on has been adjusted, the game has not yet been able to tell whether this is the case. Because only when starting WoW was there a check to see which .toc data was available, which were then all loaded once. If you then carried out an add-on update and reloaded the add-ons in-game in the overview, there were error messages – because only the non-.toc files were updated.

If you now click on Reload for the add-ons in WoW, the game will check all components of an add-on for updates. A restart is no longer necessary.

If you now click on Reload in the add-ons in WoW, the game will check all components of an add-on for updates. A restart is no longer necessary.

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From now on the game will check every part of the addon if it has been updated when you click "Reload". This is really important because as DoverBoys puts it in a nutshell: "A .toc file is the core of an add-on. It is the file that WoW tells WoW that a folder is an add-on, the name of the add-on, and what files need to be loaded."

Since the release of the pre-patch, some add-ons have an update for version 9.0.1 of WoW (buy now ) – if you only notice this in the game, you can try out updating an add-on! Keep that in mind for the launch of Shadowlands – if we have a new release date at some point experienced after the shift.

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