US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reaches over 430,000 viewers

Two weeks before the US election, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) made her debut on Twitch. You will be there in just 24 hours channel gone through the roof on the streaming website. AOC was able to collect over 550,000 followers in a very short time. Twitch has also given its channel partner status directly. On Monday, the politician asked her followers Twitterif anyone would like to play a few rounds of Among Us with her on Twitch. Shortly afterwards online personalities like Pokimane, Hasan Piker, Myth, Dr. Lupo, Disguised Toast, Jacksepticeye and others have their say to stream with AOC on Twitch. With Ilhan Omar, another US Democrat was also involved in the live stream. The background to the action was of course, among other things, the memory of the upcoming US election on November 3rd, in which the incumbent President Donald Trump will face the former Vice President Joe Biden. In many US states, Americans could vote now.

The interest in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Twitch debut was enormous. Around 439,000 viewers were present at the same time when they were broadcast. AOC has made it to number 3 of the most successful streams of an individual channel in the history of Twitch. In the few hours before their debut, the AOC team reportedly asked various streamers for tips and tricks on moderating the Twitch chat and general things in order to get a solid stream off the ground. An experiment that worked. It is currently unclear whether it was a one-time thing or whether further streams from the US Democrat will actually follow.

via Kotaku

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