Monday, September 27, 2021

Useless app also costs 9 euros

Image source: Nintendo // Getty Images / PhotoAlto / Michele Constantini

Have you ever faced a complex math problem and thought: “Would my Nintendo Switch have a scientific calculator after all?”

Nintendo Switch

For the Nintendo Switch, with a few exceptions such as the YouTube app, there is very little in the Nintendo eShop that does not fall into the “game” category. Now there is something new, the use of which is quite limited or even non-existent. Since today (May 12, 2021) you can have an app with a scientific calculator download. “Calculator” costs, however 9 Euro im Nintendo eShop.

A Nintendo Switch app that is also available for free

We will come to the “application areas” of this app in a moment. Most Calculator apps preinstalled on smartphones free of charge can do what this 9 euro app offers. You can choose from a variety of options in the App Store or the Google Play Store free alternatives choose. I can also just go to Google “Scientific calculator” enter and Google itself offers you the digital calculation aid. Then there are the results, among which you will also find a lot of alternatives.

“Potential” only at second glance

There’s really no context in which you could use a scientific calculator and your Nintendo Switch would be the best device to use it – at least we can’t think of any. With a lot of imagination, you might find a situation in which the app on the switch would be helpful, the only question remaining is whether it would then be worth 9 euros.

A small exception would be given if the switch could be used in math exams. If math is extremely easy for you, you can pass the time with the switch. Just don’t play anything that makes you angry, otherwise you will disturb the others. The same applies if you quit math when you stopped calculating with fruit and at the end you just turned in a blank sheet of paper anyway. Then you don’t need the calculator app either.