from Dominik Zwingmann
According to a current lawsuit in the United States, Google should also carry out user tracking in incognito mode. This would violate several laws in the country. However, those responsible for Google have already rejected the allegations. The technology giant is said to pay up to $ 5 billion.

According to current reports, Google is said to have violated several "Federal Wiretap Laws" in the United States. On Tuesday, a lawsuit was filed on the subject, which accuses the company of continuing to use user tracking, even if Internet users are using incognito mode. Google should use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, smartphone apps or plugins on websites to record data from millions of Chrome users in incognito mode.

The lawsuit also states that Google deliberately misled its customers. The company is now facing legal proceedings that could result in a fine of up to $ 5 billion or at least $ 5,000 for each user affected since June 1, 2016. Google spokesman Jose Castaneda said in a statement to the New York Times already voiced on the case. Accordingly, the company denies the allegations and will "vigorously" defend itself against them.

"Incognito mode in Chrome gives you the choice to be on the web without saving your activity in the browser or device. However, every time an Incognito tab is opened, we make it clear that websites may still have information about the Collect user behavior in the session. "

Already last year, Google published an update for Chrome, which prevents user tracking in incognito mode for all websites. We will of course keep you up to date with further developments on this case.

Source: Reuters

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