Star Trek in Viking Land? Spaceships made of wood? Valheim is maybe even more creative than you thought: Here are some of the most beautiful, craziest and most impressive player creations in the survival hit.

It's not about Minecraft anymore, no, it's about Valheim: The survival hit on Steam cast a spell over all hobby architects overnight and encouraged them to put sleepless nights into the game. What time, sweat and hot-blooded zeal have produced in a very short time are imposing structures, troll theme parks, entire Viking cities and more.

We'll provide you craziest monuments of some Valheim players in front. Maybe there are also some inspirations for your Viking town?

PS .: The screenshot is from Reddit user Colonel-James-Parker.

Not a whole building, but a delicate design proposal from SyntheticLove, posted on Reddit by RobWolfB.

One of the most impressive works to date by one or more Valheim players is a replica of the USS Enterprise from the SciFi saga Star Trek: In the video by Redditor Colonel-James-Parker, you can also see the interior of the USS Valheim and nostalgically listen to the Trekki – Indulge in music.

Not a Star Trek fan? Okay! Then Star Wars – because the Millennium Falcon is already available in "Minecraft for Vikings", and it was created by the same client as the USS Valheim: Redditor Colonel James Parker.

Sometimes it even looks better if your own house was built on the hillside. The design and the screenshot are from Redditor Ungnorsk-Krieger.

In the video on Reddit, IncGoldie guides you through the self-built "Trollassic Park". Yes, a small theme park with trolls.

The higher the better? In the video, Redditor gives you a tour through the cloud house im_outta_heeeeeere.

Wake The Fuck Up Samurai! If you don't like the Viking style that much, you can give your village a Japanese flair. The building was designed by Redditor Frogenstein.

Damudamuu's Reddit post goes high again.

Is it just us or is this creation reminiscent of Morrowind? How exactly you can construct your new round house is shown by Redditor Schnaps58475 in a sequence of pictures.

Heddal stave church in Norway was used as inspiration for this imposing building. Source: Redditor amblothe.

And why not build a whole Colosseum right away ?! You can get more insights into the structure in the Reddit post from Frankfoots.

Sleeping was yesterday: Instead of going to bed on time, a Viking city was built here for days and nights, which you can watch in the Redditor OneheII video.

Not everything that is pretty has to be big: Redditor Necrotx_ has embellished its portal here.

Whatever it is, it was worth it to let your creativity run free: There are more pictures in the Redditor stikysaucce thread.

Not enough? Even in the space exploration game No Man's Sky, players do not let themselves be ruffed and built gigantic masterpiecesthat can definitely compete with some Minecraft monuments.

If you are in Valheim also want to lend a hand, we have a nice one for you Guide to building and repairing in-game tinkered together.

In the Reddit forum on Valheim you will find even more inspiration for your future construction project in the game, and new screenshots of monuments and designs are added every day. Have a look!