Growing carrots or beets in Valheim: We offer you tips on farming for the vegetables. You don't just plant the seeds like that. On your future farm you will pay attention to a few basic things that we will explain to you in our guide. In addition to the right seeds, you will first of all get a plow with which you will prepare the soil for sowing. In addition to heartwood, you also need bronze for this, which you initially produce in a forge. We also recommend our comprehensive tips about Valheim to you. Here you can find out details about building a fortress, traveling or breeding pigs and more.

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Valheim tips – making a plow

You have to defeat the first boss Eikthyr in Valheim. After that, you will gain the ability to make bronze in a furnace and forge. You then unlock the recipe for the plow by fusing copper and tin. For the plow you need a total of 5x heartwood and 5x bronze.

Valheim tips – find seeds

To find the seeds for carrots, you go to the dark forest. Here you will find plants with white flowers. Harvest the carrot seeds and take them with you. There are beet seeds in the marshland. There you look for plants with yellow flowers. As both a turnip and a carrot, you get three seeds from a single seed plant.

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Valheim tips – create fields and plant seeds

You look for a spot in the meadow that is suitable for a bed. Whether carrots or beets, plants need space. If you put the carrots too close together in your bed in Valheim, the plants will turn brown. It is best to plant a carrot and then choose a base plate that is 1×1 size. Now you place the base plate with one of the four corners next to the carrot plant. Now plant carrots in the other corners as well. Now you remove the bottom plate. Now all the carrots should turn green again. It takes a few in-game days before you can harvest. Only fully grown plants can be harvested.

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Valheim tips – own seeds

In addition to a carrot or turnip, you can also grow seed plants from the seeds. This is also recommended in the beginning so that you don't always have to look for new seeds. In addition to carrots or beets in your field in Valheim, you should always think of the corresponding plants that will provide you with new seeds.

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