The currently very successful one Survival game Valheim offers players plenty of room for creativity when erecting various structures. It goes without saying that the community does not miss any opportunity to tackle the most ambitious projects and share their art with one another.

Hard work and attention to detail were involved, as a Reddit user and Valheim (buy now 19,90 € ) Player u / itsreallyonlybryce himself the replica of the from the role-playing game Skyrim known kite festivals as the goal. But after more than 50 hours it was done and the result is impressive. The similarity to the original is not only unmistakable from the outside, the interior has also been carefully adapted. Four mods, which make the building experience more pleasant, were used to help.

“I had to improvise a lot because the interior and exterior structure do not go well together. […] I planned the main hall, but the rest is based on screenshots and my own additions, “explains the client about his work.

If you want to see the whole thing for yourself, you can watch a short video tour on Youtube or, to explore it directly on your own, Download via Nexusmods.

In further Valheim News: Currently worries a VR mod for the game for a sensation, and you can do the adventure now in beautiful fine graphics enjoy. If you want to experience the title in a different way, you can use your character unusual body proportions miss. An official content update is also in the works, there is already official information on this.



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