The survival game Valheim has a very idiosyncratic graphic style. Not everyone likes it, but it makes up a large part of the atmosphere of the game. Nevertheless, the development studio Iron Gate AB is working on a patch that upgrades the look a little.

Valheim gets graphic optimizations

The patch should appear before the big update Hearth and Home, which brings some more extensive content with it. The patch, however, takes care of some graphical optimizations. The developers teased that the troll and the second and third boss opponents in the game will be visually revised. For example, the troll is given hair on its body. How the boss opponents are improved will be shown later.

The Survivalgame Valheim (buy now 19,90 € ) is currently still in the early access phase, which is already very popular with the players, but improvements, new content and optimizations are planned for the survival game. The players provide the developers with a lot of feedback, which they then implement if it makes sense. As with the graphics, for example. Such details as hair make opponents appear a little different.

After the patch, the bigger update Hearth and Home will appear. There was also a little teaser for this. This showed boots and a hole in the ground. What this is all about is not yet clear. We may get tar pits and an armor rack. At least that’s what the Valheim community currently suspects. There is currently no release date for either Hearth and Home or the patch.

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