Fishing in Valheim: tips on fishing accessories, types of fish and more. In the survival adventure, fishing brings you an ingredient that you can incorporate into healing recipes while cooking on the kettle or the hotplate. There are three different types of fish: perch (small fish), pike (medium-sized fish) and tuna (large fish). The only difference after you've caught the fish is the serving size of raw fish. While the perch brings you one serving of raw fish in your inventory, you get two servings of the pike and three servings of the tuna.

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There is no difference in the quality of the individual fish. While the tuna is more likely to be found in the deeper water from the beach, you tend to keep an eye out for perch and pike near the shore. Pike and perch are worthwhile at the beginning, but tuna later. To fish on the bank, you can get a rod from Haldor the dealer for 350 gold. You can also get 50 pieces of bait from him for 10 gold. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to make the fishing rod yourself in Valheim. So you have to find the dealer's warehouse in the game world before you can start fishing.

If you haven't found Haldor in Valheim yet, you can also catch fish by hand. You just run into the water. As a result, all fish near you flee. Wait and don't move until the fish are back near you. As soon as a fish approaches, the game shows you the option to catch using the E button. Compared to fishing with a line, this is of course time-consuming and less profitable. You use the fish on the stove to convert it into cooked fish. At the kettle you will later use it for fish bites, which will give you the highest endurance boost.

This is how the fishing rod and bait work

You can catch fish in Valheim in rivers or in the ocean biome. From the boat or the beach you can see the fish swimming in the water. Logically you choose a place where you can see a lot of fish. Equip the fishing rod and bait. To cast the fishing rod, hold down the left mouse button and release to cast. The longer you hold it down, the further the hook and bait flies. Every time you cast the line, you consume a bait – whether you catch a fish or not.

As soon as the swimmer sinks, a fish has bitten. First click with the right mouse button to tie the fish to the hook (a corresponding message appears on the screen). Now click and hold the right mouse button again to catch up with the fish. Fetching the line takes stamina, which ticks down relatively quickly. At the beginning you shouldn't cast the fishing rod so far. If you run out of stamina, the fish escapes on the line. As soon as the fish is closer to you when you are hauling in, you can pick it up. In the inventory, the fish is immediately converted into raw fish.

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