During the development of early access games, it can happen that game worlds are completely reset to the beginning with a wipe. The currently successful Valheim has also been in Early Access since the beginning of February. Of course, fans now want to know whether there will be a restart of the game world sooner or later.

Henrik Törnqvist (co-founder of Iron Gate) spoke about this topic in an interview with PC Gamer. Accordingly, the team is currently discussing internally how one would like to handle this situation from a technical point of view.

So far, however, the co-founder cannot give a clear answer. Even before Valheim's Early Access start, managing director Richard Svensson gave something different in the Steam forum answer to a possible game world wipe:

"In most cases we try to avoid having to start a new world. In some cases, however, it is inevitable. For example, if we make a big change in how the world terrain is generated and add new biomes. Then you probably have to start a new world start to take advantage of the new content. In most cases, however, new content is simply added to areas that you haven't explored yet – areas already explored remain unchanged. "

Just last week, the Iron Gate team presented the roadmap for Valheim. Mistlands is the most extensive update of the year, which among other things will bring a completely new biome into play. By then, at the latest, we will probably get a clear answer to possible game world wipes. You can find more information about Valheim on our topic page.

via PCGamer, Steam

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