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According to Riot Games, Valorant was able to attract many players during beta. Almost 3 million users logged into the FPS title every day. These numbers will probably increase with the upcoming launch. So far, access to the shooter was limited. Now Valorant will soon be available to everyone as a Free 2 Play game.

Riot Games will officially release the competitive FPS title Valorant for PC on Tuesday. In advance, the creators have now revealed some figures from the closed beta, which took place in the last two months before the release. Accordingly, Valorant was able to achieve impressive numbers of players during the test phase.

According to data from Riot Games, an average of almost three million users logged into the game every day. Until now, however, access to the shooter was limited. With the upcoming launch on June 2, 2020, all players can take a look at Valorant. Similar to League of Legends, the title will be playable for free and will only be financed by cosmetic items in the in-game shop.

The duel with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should be particularly interesting. The game of Valve is currently enjoying great popularity and was able to set a new player record eight years after the release. In March 2020, the title broke the milestone of one million players who were simultaneously on the servers. However, we have to look at the numbers from Riot.

Beta access via Twitch ensures high audience numbers

Valorant also broke several records on Twitch. For example, on the first day of the closed beta, 34 million hours of Valorant content were viewed on the streaming page. No other game has done this in a day. In the end, more than 470 million hours were viewed throughout the test phase. However, Riot Games got a little into the bag of tricks here. If you linked your account with Twitch, you had the chance of direct access to the Valorant beta.

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