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New gunpowder for Riot Games' first-person shooter Valorant: Episode 2, Act 2 will be launched on March 2nd. We'll tell you what's in the new update.

It looks like riot games have for the in-house First person shooter Valorant Still a long way from running out of powder. With episode 2, act 2 there will be content replenishment from March 2nd. For 1000 Valorant Points (VP), fans of the multiplayer shooter get a battle pass, which should contain skins, sprays and cards. Valorant producer Preeti Khanolkar emphasizes that all accessories have been designed with gamelore and the wishes of the community in mind.

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For many, however, the cosmic growth is likely to be more interesting than the cosmetic innovations. With Astra there is a new agent whose skills are literally from another planet. As an all-seeing eye, the tactician can leave her body and keep an eye on the entire map.

In doing so, she distributes so-called stars that are necessary for the use of her other abilities. However, while she controls her mind, her body remains vulnerable. In addition, Astra can use fog bombs to restrict the view of their enemies and control gravity with gravitational fields, which makes enemies unable to move for a short time.

It is also exciting that Astra's design is heavily inspired by Afrofuturism, an aesthetic that combines elements from science fiction and fantasy with African culture. In order to stage their characters as authentically as possible, Riot Games worked together with a consultant from Ghana. If the galactically dangerous agent has made you curious, you will find it here is our test for the multiplayer shooter Valorant.

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