Valorant: new anti-cheat feature introduced

from André Linken
The developer studio Riot Games has introduced a new anti-cheat feature in the multiplayer shooter Valorant. You will now receive an in-game message when a player you previously reported gets a ban. However, the feature is currently in an experimental state.

Like so many other online games, the multiplayer shooter Valorant struggles with numerous cheaters. The developer Riot Games had already started to fight this type of spoilers during the beta phase. As a consequence, there were already several account locks that still exist after the release version has been launched. By the way, there is now a new feature in the fight against cheaters.

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This can be seen, among other things, in a video of the well-known streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins just published on Twitter. So you get in Valorant (buy now) an in-game message as soon as a player you previously registered receives an account lock. The ID of the player concerned should actually appear in such a message, but the message that Ninja received was apparently somewhat incorrect. A little later, anti-cheat expert Paul Chamberlain from Riot Games also spoke up. According to him, the new feature is currently in an experimental state, so bugs and other inconsistencies cannot be completely ruled out. However, he did not reveal when the final and thus elaborated version can be expected.

Incidentally, such a feature is not a groundbreaking innovation in the game industry. A similar system is already used in the Rocket League football racing game mix. You will also receive an in-game message there if a cheater you have registered receives its punishment.

Source: Twitter

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